a) The flooring in living, dining, bedrooms, and kitchen will be of Vitrified tiles. The flooring in balconies, toilets & wash area will be of first quality anti skid ceramic tiles.  


Wall Tiling


a)     Kitchen will have first quality ceramic wall tiles for 2 feet above the platform.

b)     Toilet will have first quality ceramic wall tiles for 7 feet height from floor level.

c)     Service areas will have ceramic tile for 3 feet height.


Kitchen Platform & Sink


a)     Kitchen platform will be provided with black granite. 

b)     Kitchens will have porcelain sink/stainless sink without a drain board.

c)     One loft of RCC will be provided in the kitchen.   


Doors / Windows / Ventilators


a)     Main door frame will be made of teak wood frame   with teak door shutters.

b)     Bedroom doors will be made of Padauk frame with panelled shutters.

c)     Toilet doors will be made of Padauk frame with waterproof flush shutter .

d)    French doors will be made of Padauk frame with wooden shutters.

e)    Windows will be of wood

f)      Ventilators will be of Aluminium Lovers.


Painting Finishes


a)    All walls except kitchen, service, balconies and toilets will be coated with putty and finished with emulsion paint.   

b)    Ceilings will be finished with Ultra white paint.

c)    External walls will be finished with Supercem cement paint or equivalent.

d)      All other doors will be finished with enamel paint.

e)      Windows and Ventilator grills will be finished with enamel paint



a)    Three-phase supply with concealed wiring will be provided. The actual supply will be three phase based on the TNEB rules and regulations at the time of energizing the complex.

b)     Separate meter will be provided for each flat in the main board located outside the flat at the place of our choice.

c)    Common meters will be provided for common services in the main board.

d)     A/C provision with electrification will be provided in the bedrooms

e)    15A plug points will be provided Fridge, Washing machine and geyser in toilets.

f)      The wiring for 5A points will be of 1.5 sq.mm rating adequate for equipments of capacity of 750W and 15A points will be of 2.5 sq.mm rating adequate for equipments of capacity of 1500W. AC wiring will be of 4 sq.mm which can take up a capacity of 2 tonnes.

g)  UPS Provision for essential common lightings will be provided.


TV and Telephone Cable


a)     TV and Telephone points will be provided in Living and master bedrooms.

b)     The cables for TV and Telephone will be provided at a suitable location in living.


Plumbing & Sanitary


a)    All toilets will be provided with European water closet.     

b)    Dining will be provided with washbasin without counter.

c)     High quality chromium plated fittings will be provided in Toilets.




a)     An overhead tank of required capacity will be provided for bore well and metro water.

b)    Deep bore wells will be provided. The depth will be decided by us based on the yield.

c)    Lift of Johnson or equivalent make will be provided

d)    Sump of required capacity for metro water and bore water will be provided.

e)     Car parks will be provided by first come first serve basis.

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